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ASAHI Slim Up Slim Select Vegetable –

Luxurious Smoothie

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Product details :

It is the smoothie of the powdery type to be able to simplify just to mix it with water. 
Grass from Okinawa with long life, citron from Tokushima, apple from Aomori, 
Sweet corns from Hokkaido selected carefully 
It is a luxurious smoothie using 30 kinds of domestic vegetables and fruit. 
I finished it in the apple mixture taste that it was easy to accept. 

For once to (20 g) 8,500 mg of dietary fiber, beautiful constitution lactic acid bacterium R, 
I combine multivitamin, iron, 48 kinds of fermentation plants. 
(two cups of spoons: per 20 g) is about 60kcal for once. 

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Dhaka City : - 80TK
All Over Bangladesh : - 150TK
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