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Blaune Points Hair Dye

Mascara Type

Regular Price : Tk. 1,050/-

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Product details :

Mascara-type "simple hair comb is". 
To catch the small parts of the hairline and parting "techniques and brush" adoption. 
Resistant to perspiration and water type won't fade easily. 

? bothers cover gray hair, with a lick of paint firm. 
Blaune point cover, using the light through the difficult type of coloring, so 
You can hide gray hair firmly with a lick of paint. 

? only blaune "techniques and brush", so that angle, the minute hairline is quite right! And closely related. 
Well differ where targeted, so the angle is attached to the minutes and hand axes. 

-Is the type, water, sweat, won't fade easily. 
-Reach can be in-place. 
• Easily washed out with shampoo. 

* Products can be ordered for delivery 10 days to 2 weeks so may take some time. 
Please be forewarned. 

Dhaka City : - 80TK
All Over Bangladesh : - 150TK
Delivery Time : 2-15 Working  Days