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SYN-AKE Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream- 50ml

Secret Key

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Product details :


1. Whitening and wrinkle improvement

KFDA approved substances, arbutin and adenosine, are included in the product for treatment of healthy and vivacious skin.


2. Abundant nutrient provision

SYN-AKE Cream provides abundant nutrient to skin and helps with skin elasticity improvement for more flexible skin.


3. Moisturized skin of excellent hydration preservation

Shea butter, panthenol, and aloe vera, excellent in moisture preservation, provides moisture by softly wrapping the surface of dry and crisp skin and maintains hydrated and healthy skin.


What is SYN-AKE

A peptide of similar structure to snake poison, SYN-AKE is a substance developed by Pentapham, a Swiss international cosmetic ingredient research company.

It is a revolutionary substance as a "new partial applicator for wrinkles that form when making expressions."

Secret Key Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream is a functional cosmetic that provides more than a temporary lifting, a product ultimately helping with reducing skin aging by treating both fine and deep wrinkles.

Suggest Use

1. Apply an adequate amount of product and spread evenly on area desired

2. Cover face with warm palms for deep absorption

3. Focusing on areas with deep wrinkles, massage by pulling on the area with hands.

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